Recommended Procedures


Recommended procedure for Registration, Plan Review, and Inspection:

1.  Register the project here.

  • A TDLR filing fee of $175.00 is required to be paid at the time of registration. We can register the project for you, for an extra charge.
  • When registering the project yourself and using Accessibility Unlimited, please enter in the appropriate RAS number. Peter’s RAS number is 75, and Jessica’s is 1429.
  • Also, please note that each project may only include one address. If work is being done at multiple locations, each address must be registered and submitted separately, provided the estimated cost of construction of each project is still over $50,000.

2.  Send the following documents to your RAS anytime before, but no later than 20 working days after the Issue Date.

  • Copy of the EAB Confirmation Page / registration receipt with TABS number. If we will be registering the project for you, submit the Project Registration Form, with all required fields filled in. Under the TABS system, a printout with project information can be found by doing a search here.
  • One (1) complete set of construction documents. Please send a physical copy of the plans. Physical plans are easier to read when doing the plan review, and we often need reference the printed pages in the file when doing inspections. If you also send us a digital file, we will use that when uploading to TABS, as under the new system construction documents are required to be uploaded to TDLR. Files uploaded to TDLR must be under 30MB, so if the digital file is larger then that, we will scan what we need from our hard copy.
  • Required plan review fee. Sending the inspection fee at this time is preferred so as to avoid delays when the project is ready to be inspected. Please make checks payable to Accessibility Unlimited when submitting to this office.
  • Completed, signed, and dated Proof of Submission form.
  • Completed, signed, and dated Owner Agent form. This is for a separate individual to be designated by the owner to act on his/her behalf for purposes of dealing with and addressing all Architectural Barriers items. However, this is not required.
  • A Request for Inspection form signed by the Owner or Owner’s Designated Agent.  (This ensures the RAS has all required paperwork necessary to proceed with the inspection and minimizes delays).

As much as possible, please send everything in one package. Revisions, duplicate plans, and orphan documents can cause delays and confusion.

3.  A Plan Review will be sent to the designer and owner or owner’s agent within thirty (30) days of receipt of all required documents and fees.

4.  Once construction is completed, please contact us to let us know it’s ready, and to coordinate the inspection. Projects must be inspected within one year of the construction completion date. The owner or owner’s agent* should send in a completed Request for Inspection form, which is required in addition to Inspection Fee.
If a Request for Inspection form and the inspection fee are not received within one year of the project’s estimated completion date, the file will be transferred to TDLR for further action.

In the case of a disapproved inspection, we will send you a report along with an Inspection Response Form. Please send this back within 270 days indicating all violations have been corrected. Please note that this form must also be completed by the owner or owner’s agent.* If this form is not received within 270 days, the file will be transferred to TDLR for further action.

*If the Owner’s Agent is designated on the Owner Agent form. This form must be completely filled out, signed, and dated. An outside individual cannot act on the owner’s behalf without this form completed and submitted.